gerrit set-project-parent - Change the project permissions are inherited from.


ssh -p <port> <host> gerrit set-project-parent
  [--parent <NAME>]
  [--children-of <NAME>]
  [--exclude <NAME>]
  <NAME> …


Changes the project that permissions are inherited through. Every project inherits permissions from another project, by default this is All-Projects. This command sets the project to inherit through another one.


Caller must be a member of the privileged Administrators group.


This command is intended to be used in scripts.


  • --parent
    Name of the parent to inherit through. If not specified, the parent is set back to the default All-Projects.

  • --children-of
    Name of the parent project for which all child projects should be reparented. If the new parent project or any project in its parent line is a child of this parent project it is automatically excluded from reparenting.

  • --exclude
    Name of a child project that should not be reparented. This option can only be used if the option –children-of is set. Multiple child projects can be excluded from reparenting by specifying the –exclude option multiple times. Excluding a project that is not a child project has no effect.


Configure kernel/omap to inherit permissions from kernel/common:

        $ ssh -p 29418 gerrit set-project-parent --parent kernel/common kernel/omap

Reparent all children of myParent to myOtherParent:

        $ ssh -p 29418 gerrit set-project-parent \
          --children-of myParent --parent myOtherParent



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