Second meeting of the engineering steering committee for the 2019 term

Today the second meeting of the Engineering Steering Committee took place. This post contains a short summary of the topics that were covered.


Luca Milanesio, David Pursehouse, Alice Kober-Sotzek, Ben Rohlfs, Patrick Hiesel


Munich, May 28, 12:30 - 13:15 CEST

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on June 11, 12:30 CEST.


New Plugins

We would like to establish a process for creating new plugins on gerrit-review such that we can review the functionality, reduce overlap between plugins and keep track of who is maintaining the plugin.

Existing Plugins

We would like to know more about the current state of all the plugins that are hosted on gerrit-review:

  • How many users do they have?
  • Who owns and maintains them?

Keeping old plugins buildable costs time. We are tentatively looking into four buckets for plugins:

  • core
  • maintained
  • unmaintained
  • obsolete.

we would like to come up with criteria for being in a bucket and transitioning to another.

We are generally open to proposed changes to add more email notifications for security relevant events, but we are also concerned about potential email spam, and we would like to audit extension points to be used, if possible.


We will consolidate the list of people (ESC, community managers, maintainers) on one page. We will keep using Jekyll and will integrate it into checks and CI such that the homepage is generated automatically after every submit.

Bug tracker

Potentially changing to a different bug tracker other than Monorail has low priority. We will continue to collect issues, though, and will do some experimenting on the side. We may want to do some cleanup at the Gothenburg Hackathon to reduce the high number of old bugs.

Release 2.14

It has reached end of life. Will send out an announcement with details soon.


We will be starting to discuss and brainstorm at the next ESC meeting.