Gerrit is an open-source project and its success much depends on the Gerrit community and the people driving it. Every day we see highly engaged and motivated contributors and kudos is a way for you to thank them and show your appreciation.

Kudos is a public written thank you note of appreciation. These can be given by anyone to any Gerrit contributor and are public on the Gerrit homepage.

Kudos can be given for doing a good job (e.g. fixing an important bug, helping someone resolve an issue, speaking at an event etc.) or living good citizenship behavior (e.g. doing lots of reviews, actively helping users on the mailing list, caring about releases, organizing community events, maintaining plugins etc.).

How to add kudos

Upload a change to the homepage project that adds the kudos to this page. If you don’t know how to do this, just send an email to the repo-discuss mailing list that has a subject starting with ‘[kudos]’ and a Gerrit maintainer will take care to upload the kudos for you.

List of kudos

Please add new kudos at the top of this list.

[2021-11-24] To: Patrick Mulhall (aka Paladox)

Thank you Patrick for your continued work on Lit migration and TS migration for
Gerrit FE.  Thanks to your efforts we have now migrated over 20% of all
components to Lit.
A big thank you for all your contributions!

From: Chris Poucet (Google)

[$2021-10-28] To: David Ostrovsky

Thank you David for contributing the javamelody plugin [1] back in 2013 [2].
Also a big thanks to all the contributors to the plugin since then.
This plugin is an amazingly useful tool that makes the life of a Gerrit admin,
and developer, so much easier.

[1] https://gerrit.googlesource.com/plugins/javamelody [2] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/c/plugins/javamelody/+/52748

From: Sven Selberg (Axis Communications AB)

[2021-06-14] To: Ben Rohlfs (Google), Delphine Carlson (Google), Dhruv Srivastava (Google), Gal Paikin (Google), Han-Wen Nienhuys (Google), Kaushik Lingarkar (Qualcomm), Luca Milanesio (GerritForge), Marija Savtchouk (Google), Matthias Sohn (SAP), Milutin Kristofic (Google), Saša Živkov (SAP), Youssef Elghareeb (Google)

Thank you for taking time to prepare and do a talk at the virtual Gerrit
Contributor Summit [1]. For the Gerrit community it's very important to share
knowledge and experiences. Doing a talk fosters the community collaboration and
allows us all to learn from each other.

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BOc17jyCXZYHb8seWSgdMOAh6_XeGoHDVCaJ10OTM20

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2021-06-14] To: Matthias Sohn (SAP)

Thank you Matthias for co-organizing the virtual Gerrit Contributor Summit [1]
together with me.

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BOc17jyCXZYHb8seWSgdMOAh6_XeGoHDVCaJ10OTM20

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2021-04-23] To: David Ostrovsky

Thanks for fixing the standalone build of the PolyGerrit plugins
on stable-3.4 [1], even though it was not specific to any of your
projects or plugins. You have been demonstrating now again, and
consistently for many years, the real spirit of a vibrant open-source
community: when you see a problem anywhere, you ask yourself how can
you fix it rather than waiting for others to address it for you.
We are very delighted to have you as long-running maintainer
of the Gerrit Code Review project.

[1] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/c/bazlets/+/304117

From: Luca Milanesio (GerritForge)

[2021-03-03] To: David Ostrovsky

Thanks for your latest work on the RBE Build/Test [1]. We are seeing a
significant improvement in the Gerrit CI speed because of this.

[1] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/c/gerrit/+/297503

From: Dhruv Srivastava (Google)

[2020-12-09] To: David Ostrovsky

  I was struggling with generating a test coverage report for the code-owners
  plugin and posted a question about this on repo-discuss [1].
  David picked up the investigation right away. He did not only reproduce and
  analyze the issue, but also filed an issue for the Bazel team [2] and uploaded
  a change [3] for the code-owners plugin that makes meassuring the test
  coverage work. In addition, David also pointed me to an easier command to
  generate the test coverage data. Thank you David, this was awesome!

[1] https://groups.google.com/g/repo-discuss/c/lXbtvictx78/m/zf167oiFBgAJ [2] https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel/issues/12636 [3] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/c/plugins/code-owners/+/290908

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2020-12-01] To: Matthias Sohn (SAP), Luca Milanesio (GerritForge) and Patrick Hiesel (Google)

  Thanks to Matthias for his prompt work again recently on stabilizing JGit for
  Gerrit 3.3 as well as downstream versions; [1]. Thanks to Luca for having
  actively supported that effort, along with his testing and releasing efforts
  around the recent security fixes [2]. This was overall teamwork, however both
  of them community colleagues walked quite a few extra miles to get this fixed.
  Thanks to Patrick for his leading work on [3] and his crucial support for [2];
  Google team's involvement remained essential here once again. Your hard work,
  guys and everyone around you, allowed us all to end up releasing Gerrit 3.3.0!

[1] Ensure that GC#deleteOrphans respects pack lock
[2] Work around Gitiles bug on All-Users visibility
[3] Make PermissionBackend#ForRef authoritative

From: Marco Miller (Ericsson)

[2020-09-02] To: Saša Živkov (SAP)

  Thanks again Saša for having helped significantly on these replication reviews
  [1] below. Once again, you were able to patiently help and iterate through a
  challenging yet relevant review then. You are among the Gerrit reviewers who
  show professional review comments, both technically and socially speaking.
  Your calm approach to a review and the attitude that follows are humble and
  exemplary. So thank you for your thorough, supportive and helpful review(s).
  You made a difference again for [1], which needed a keen stir such as yours.

[1] Don’t wait for pending events to process on startup

From: Marco Miller (Ericsson)

[2020-07-17] To: Saša Živkov (SAP)

  Thank you Saša for always helping people out when they struggle with Prolog
  submit rules. Being able to configure when a change should be submittable is
  important for many teams, but when this requires writing Prolog submit rules
  people often struggle because they are not much familiar with Prolog. When
  this happens, Saša is always there to help. This unblocks teams setting up
  their workflows and saves them quite some frustration debugging Prolog. Saša
  also wrote the Prolog cookbook in the Gerrit documentation [1] which continues
  to be a great source for everyone starting with Prolog submit rules.

[1] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/Documentation/prolog-cookbook.html

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2020-06-29] To: Christian Aistleitner (quelltextlich e.U., Wikimedia)

  Often Gerrit administrators are worried about upgrading their Gerrit
  instances, especially if the upgrade is across multiple Gerrit versions and if
  it includes the migration to NoteDb. To overcome this, it's important that
  community members give feedback on performed upgrades and issues that they hit
  during the migration. Christian just shared a summary of the Gerrit upgrade
  that was done at Wikimedia, including a list of things to watch out during
  such an upgrade. Thank you Christian for sharing these insights and even more
  for contributing back fixes for the issues that you faced, making the upgrade
  smoother for others.

[1] https://groups.google.com/g/repo-discuss/c/G5wucKJg9Ag/m/pLin-i3mBgAJ

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2020-06-26] To: Marco Miller (Ericsson) and Matthias Sohn (SAP)

  For Gerrit as an open source project it is essential to have a healthy open
  source community. To address the needs of the open source community better we
  have established the role of a community manager [1] one year ago. I want to
  thank Marco and Matthias for taking up this role and filling it with life. It
  is a pleasure to work with you as community manager and I'm amazed by the
  things that we have achieved together [2].

[1] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/Documentation/dev-roles.html#community-manager
[2] https://groups.google.com/g/repo-discuss/c/OJYszErJwT4/m/YG9ymoL9DQAJ

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-08-07] To: David Pursehouse (CollabNet)

  For the open-source community it is very important that all discusssions are
  transparent and that findings and conclusions are clearly communicated. David
  takes care to collect and publish project news regularly on our homepage [1]
  making it easy for everyone to follow what's going on in the project.
  Previously one could get this level of insights only by closely following the
  mailing list and ongoing reviews. Thank you David, this is a great overview
  for everyone, especially for people that are not deeply involved in the

[1] https://www.gerritcodereview.com/news.html

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-21] To: Gert van Dijk

  I want to thank Gert for actively supporting users on the repo-discuss mailing
  list [1]. Taking time to understand user issues and guide them to solutions is
  highly appreciated. This work is especially important to make the onboarding
  of new Gerrit users smooth.

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/repo-discuss

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-20] To: David Pursehouse (CollabNet); David Ostrovsky; Jonathan Nieder (Google), Jonathan Tan (Google), Luca Milanesio (GerritForge); Masaya Suzuki (Google), Matthias Sohn (SAP)

  The Gerrit open-source project had to deal with 2 severe security
  vulnerabilities (issue 10201 [1], issue 10262 [2]) that required patching 6
  JGit releases and 8 Gerrit releases (2.9 to 2.16). David Pursehouse, David
  Ostrovsky, Jonathan Nieder, Jonathan Tan, Luca Milanesio, Masaya Suzuki and
  Matthias Sohn were extremely supportive to deal with the situation. In
  particular they took care of:

  * Reverting the problematic code in Gerrit (David Pursehouse)
  * Implementing JGit fixes (Masaya Suzuki, Jonathan Nieder)
  * Reviewing JGit fixes (Masaya Suzuki, Jonathan Nieder, Jonathan Tan, Matthias
  * Preparing fixed JGit versions (Matthias Sohn)
  * Making the fixed JGit versions available to Gerrit without breaking the
    embargo (Matthias Sohn)
  * Upgrading JGit for all affected Gerrit versions (David Ostrovsky)
  * Fixing the CI build for Gerrit 2.9 (David Ostrovsky, Luca Milanesio)
  * Writing release notes (David Pursehouse)
  * Code reviews (David Pursehouse, David Ostrovsky, Luca Milanesio)
  * Releasing fixed Gerrit 2.16 versions (David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio)
  * Releasing fixed Gerrit 2.15 version (David Pursehouse)
  * Releasing fixed Gerrit 2.9 to 2.14 versions (Luca Milanesio)
  * Announcing and documenting the vulnerabilities for the community
    (David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio)
  * Collaboration on a post mortem (David Pursehouse, David Ostrovsky, Luca
    Milanesio, Matthias Sohn)

  This was an extraordinary collaboration across teams, projects, companies and
  timezones and showed to the Gerrit community that the Gerrit project is taking
  security seriously.

  This engagement was especially remarkable since a lot of these actions
  happened during Christmas/New Year.

[1] https://bugs.chromium.org/p/gerrit/issues/detail?id=10201
[2] https://bugs.chromium.org/p/gerrit/issues/detail?id=10262

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-20] To: Luca Milanesio (GerritForge)

  I want to thank Luca for setting up the analytics dashboard [1] for Gerrit.
  This dashboard makes the community contributions transparent and I always find
  it interesting to look at the various statistics.

[1] https://analytics.gerrithub.io/kibana/app/kibana#/dashboards

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-20] To: Luca Milanesio (GerritForge)

  Luca runs the CI server [1] for the Gerrit project. This supports the Gerrit
  development a lot because changes are automatically verified and change
  authors get quick feedback on issues with compilation, tests and formatting.

  Luca did not only set up builds for Gerrit across all its branches, but also
  for most of the Gerrit plugins. This makes the consumption of Gerrit plugins
  much easier since users can simply download the jars of the plugins they need,
  instead of building them themselves.

  Thank you Luca!

[1] https://gerrit-ci.gerritforge.com

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-20] To: David Pursehouse (CollabNet)

  David takes great care of the Gerrit releases. This is of high importance for
  the Gerrit community because it makes new features and bug-fixes available for

  David was driving several major releases and ensures that the release notes
  are always well-written and complete. In addition, he pays high attention to
  backporting bug-fixes that matter and ensures that release issues are quickly
  addressed by frequently releasing minor versions that include these bug-fixes.
  David also takes care of merging the stable branches back to master which can
  be a lot of work because conflicts need to be resovled.

  I really appreciate all this work. Thank you!

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-20] To: David Ostrovsky

  Since years David is taking care of our build tool chain and ensures that the
  development setup to start working on Gerrit and Gerrit plugins is staying

  David was the main driver to adopt first Buck and then Bazel. Rewriting the
  complete build tool chain multiple times was a large amount of work and
  included tracing down and fixing many tricky issues that required
  collaboration with the Buck and Bazel teams.

  I'm happy that the Gerrit build always just works, but I know that this can't
  be taken for granted. Thanks David for all your hard work on this.

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)

[2019-03-20] To: Shawn Pearce (Google)

  I want to thank Shawn for starting the Gerrit Code Review project and
  fostering a great open-source community around it.

  Shawn's passion and dedication are the source of our success. Shawn was an
  outstanding engineer who shaped the long-term vision for our project. The
  number of his contributions is beyond count, his guidance and deep technical
  knowledge were exceptional and I'm truely thankful for all his reviews that
  made me learn so much.

From: Edwin Kempin (Google)



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