User Stories

The Gerrit community has a high interest in the users of the Gerrit Code Review project. We want to understand who our users are, why they like Gerrit and how Gerrit is integrated with their workflows. If your project or company is using Gerrit, we would like to know about your use case, so that we are aware of it when we evolve Gerrit further. If you use Gerrit, we kindly ask you to share your usage below.

How to share your story

Upload a change to the homepage project that adds your story to this page. If you don’t know how to do this, just send an email to the repo-discuss mailing list that has a subject starting with ‘[story]’ and a Gerrit maintainer will take care to upload it for you.

Your story can be as simple as you prefer it to be, as long as it positively conveys your feedback on Gerrit.

Stories shared

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[2020-07-15] Eclipse Foundation

  The Eclipse Foundation's in-house Gerrit instance, in service since early
  2012, has been the code review and development tool of choice for many
  world-famous Open Source projects, including the Eclipse IDE and the Eclipse
  C/C++ IDE.

  The Eclipse Sysadmins love Gerrit for its robustness and stability. Eclipse
  projects love Gerrit for its ease of use, features, and the fact it is well
  suited for their development process and workflows. It integrates well with
  CI/CD systems such as Jenkins, allowing for a quick feedback loop between
  developers and contributors and the build and test systems.

  Gerrit's extensibility has allowed the Eclipse Foundation to rely on Gerrit
  to validate incoming code contributions against Contributor Agreements and
  Signed-off-by footers, essential for the stellar Intellectual Property and
  provenance tracking we are known for.

[2020-02-14] Gerrit at Google (Google)

  Google has an in-house deployment of Gerrit, serving hundreds of teams and
  thousands of users. Our major customers are the Chrome and Android projects.

  The Android Open Source project uses Gerrit extensively for its platform
  development. The rich ACL model allows the Android project to cooperate with
  a wide range of hardware partners on a single project, while also observing
  confidentiality agreements. The configurability of workflows lets the
  Android team manage a complex release workflow across many devices and
  platform versions.

  The Chromium project uses Gerrit to work on among others the Chrome browser.
  Our in-house deployment is optimized for performance, so we can offer
  engineers a smooth workflow, despite the gargantuan size of the Chromium
  code base.

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