About this page

This page lists all the plugins known to the Gerrit project, with their compatibility status across the supported version branches. The list includes the core plugins.

Some plugins might be missing from this page. Contributions to add them are welcome, if needed.

Maintenance of plugins

These plugins are made by different parties and maintained to varying degrees, therefore the Gerrit project does not guarantee their reliability. However, many are reliable and valuable integrations across Gerrit deployments. The matrix detailed below lists the maintainers for every maintained plugin.

There is a parent component for plugin-specific components/issues in Monorail.

Community members are welcome to propose themselves as plugin maintainers. This can be done through the support mailing list:

  1. Volunteering can be done for either plugins with no maintainers or plugins with just a few (or more) maintainers. Volunteering for unmaintained plugins is of course preferred. Maintainership comes with ownership expectations and responsibilities.
  2. Maintainership is discussed privately by the current plugin maintainers, or the core maintainers if none.
  3. The resulting verdict is then shared within the initial proposal (mailing) thread. Both the initial (new maintainer) proposal and verdict are shared transparently thus professionally that way.

When there are no direct plugins maintainers, the Gerrit maintainers have the permissions to review and merge changes. However, regular maintenance of such plugins is not guaranteed.

Plugin builds

There are build ci-scripts for most plugins. Each script builds that plugin against all the branches it supports.

Some plugins don’t have branches but still support them, through their master branch.

That CI is the public service that offers the download of pre-built plugin jar files.

Compatibility matrix

Below, each plugin name has a link to that plugin’s README page. A summary of the plugin description is shown (first sentence, or ‘⃞’ if none).

Contributions to provide descriptions or update existing ones are welcome.

The last known plugin activity state is shown by the following icons

project   repository  
active has branch
read-only 🔒 no branch

and the number of recent changes in the last 3 months is also shown.

Each branch name links to the corresponding CI jobs view, for the current build status.

  • The last captured build result shows in the CI column next to that branch.
  • Jenkins SUCCESS results show as ✅ while FAILURE or else show as ❌.
  • Otherwise, ‘⃞’ shows if CI doesn’t build a specific plugin branch or version.
    • Contributions to propose building those are also welcome if needed.
    • Fixing the failing builds is of course as welcome, first and foremost.
  • Plugin tests are currently not executed by the formal Gerrit project CI.

Plugins either

  • have a formal branch matching that Gerrit version (✔),
  • or don’t have that branch (⃞); again, versions may still build using master.
  • ‘⃞’ shows across for inactive plugins.

Plugins compatibility with each Gerrit version depends on their current CI build results.

Those build results likely change over time; this matrix is their last snapshot. The matrix was last updated on Sunday 31 May at 02:34:36 GMT.

Plugin Matrix


Name State Repo Changes (last 3 months/all) Description Maintainers Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI
            master   stable-3.2   stable-3.1   stable-3.0   stable-2.16  
account 1/25 Plugin to expose a self-service API and UX to manage accounts and associated personal information Luca Milanesio
admin-console 30/372 Provides information via SSH commands to Gerrit Administrators Doug Kelly, Jeff Rowell
analytics 5/77 Plugin to aggregate information from Gerrit projects and reviews and expose them through REST and SSH API Antonio Barone, Claudio Pacchiega, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Stefano Galarraga
analytics-wizard 0/37 Wizard to provision a new GerritAnalytics stack Antonio Barone, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio
audit-sl4j 0/37 Plugin for logging audit events using a SLF4J appender  
automerger 1/154   Bill Napier, Sam Saccone 🐐, Stephen Li
autosubmitter 1/92 A plugin that takes care of automatically submitting changes when all approvals and preconditions are satisfied Emmanuel Debanne, Luca Milanesio, Patrick Bruneton
avatars-external 1/31 Enables to set a custom URL to load avatars from  
avatars-gravatar 0/11 Plugin to display user icons from Gravatar  
batch 16/127 The batch plugin provides a mechanism for building and Kaushik Lingarkar, Martin Fick, Nasser Grainawi, Prakash Aswal
branch-network 0/41 Plug-in to display and navigate Git branches in a HTML5 canvas network Luca Milanesio
cfoauth 0/21 Plugin to authenticate with a CloudFoundry User Account and Authentication server using OAuth2 protocol Saša Živkov
changemessage 28/269 This plugin allows to display a static info message on the change screen  
checks 54/421 This plugin provides a REST API and UI extensions for integrating CI systems with Gerrit  
cloud-notifications 0/22 A plugin to obtain push event notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Jorge Ruesga
code-owners 28/28 The code-owners provides support for defining code owners for files in a repository.  
codemirror-editor 7/76 CodeMirror plugin for PolyGerrit  
commit-message-length-validator 0/51 Plugin to validate that commit messages conform to length limits David Pursehouse, Edwin Kempin
commit-validator-sample 0/1 Sample validator to accept, refuse or provide warnings on Git commit changes during push Luca Milanesio
cookbook-plugin 0/197 Examples of plugin API usage David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio
copyright 0/21 WIP: Copyright scanner to require qualified review when needed Bob Badour, Jeff Bailey, Raman Tenneti
delete-project 45/500 A plugin which allows projects to be deleted from Gerrit via an SSH command Brad Larson, Chad Horohoe
donation-button 0/3 Make a donation button to Shawn Pearce Memorial Fund Luca Milanesio
download-commands 9/98 Adds the standard download schemes and commands  
egit 0/5 This plugin provides extensions for easier usage with EGit  
emoticons 7/153 Plugin that allows users to see emoticons in comments as  
events 1/15 The events plugin adds a stream events API which parallels Kaushik Lingarkar, Martin Fick, Nasser Grainawi, Prakash Aswal
events-log 38/500 This plugin listens to stream events and stores them in a database. The events can be retrieved through REST API Marco Miller
examples 3/70 Collection of example plugins for Gerrit Code Review Kaushik Lingarkar, Martin Fick, Nasser Grainawi, Prakash Aswal
find-owners 8/157 Plugin to check for Android and Chromium style OWNERS approval before submit and find owners for a revision David Pursehouse
gc-conductor 69/411 This plugin provides an automated way of detecting, managing and cleaning up (garbage collecting) the ‘dirty’ repositories in a Gerrit instance Marco Miller
gerrit-support 0/26 Plugin to collect information on Gerrit Code Review setup for requesting support Claudio Pacchiega, David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio
gitblit 0/116 GitBlit code-viewer plug-in with SSO and Security Access Control David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio, Tom W
github 9/318 Plugin to integrate with GitHub: replication, pull-request to Change-Sets Antonio Barone, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
github-groups 0/1 Group backend implementation to use GitHub Organisations and Teams as Gerrit Groups  
github-profile 0/2 GitHub-Profile integration for migrating and synchronising your GitHub e-mail address and SSH Keys with Gerrit  
github-pullrequest 0/1 Import existing GitHub Pull Requests as Gerrit Changes and Patch-Sets with one click  
github-replication 0/1 Replication wizard for importing and configuring GitHub repos as Gerrit slaves replicas with a single click  
github-webhooks 0/2 Expose Gerrit automation actions (e.g. importing a pull request) as GitHub hooks  
gitiles 18/413 Plugin running Gitiles alongside a Gerrit server  
go-import 44/361 This plugin allows you to perform go get requests against a Gerrit project Marco Miller, Sven Selberg
healthcheck 6/74 Gerrit plugin for triggering a general configuration and runtime health check Antonio Barone, David Ostrovsky, Doug Kelly, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio
heartbeat 34/305 Plugin that sends heartbeat stream event Marco Miller
hide-actions 0/9 Plugin that allows to hide UI actions by configuration  
high-availability 110/500 Synchronize eviction of caches, secondary indexes and stream events between two Gerrit instances sharing the same git repositories and database David Ostrovsky, Luca Milanesio, Marco Miller, Saša Živkov
hooks 5/148 Server-side hooks executed on Gerrit events  
hooks-audit 0/1 Plugin(s) to enable auditing of Gerrit admin and user activity to an external logging system  
imagare 2/121 Plugin allows Gerrit users to upload and share images  
image-diff 0/46 An enhanced image diff plugin for PolyGerrit  
importer 1/244 Plugin to import projects from one Gerrit server into another Gerrit server  
its-base 41/374 Plugin base for issue tracking systems  
its-bugzilla 0/54 Plugin to integrate with Bugzilla  
its-jira 2/118 Plugin to integrate with Atlassian JIRA Hector Oswaldo Caballero, Luca Milanesio
its-phabricator 45/97 Plugin to integrate with Phabricator Antoine Musso, Chad Horohoe, Christian Aistleitner, Dan Duvall, Edwin Kempin, Luca Milanesio, Mukunda Modell, Paladox none, Sam Reed, Tyler Cipriani
its-redmine 0/5 Plugin to integrate with Redmine Alexandre Leblanc, Benson Yan, David Pursehouse
its-rtc 0/62 Plugin to integrate with IBM Rational Team Concert  
its-storyboard 0/30 Plugin to integrate with the Storyboard Issue Tracking System Khai Do
javamelody 34/410 Plugin to monitor a Gerrit server with JavaMelody David Ostrovsky, Khai Do
kafka-events 18/66 Gerrit event producer for Apache Kafka Antonio Barone, David Pursehouse, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
labelui 0/20 The labelui plugin allows users to configure a different control for displaying the labels/approvals on the change screen  
lfs 34/500 LFS plugin storing large objects Dariusz Łuksza, David Pursehouse, Jacek Centkowski
log-level 34/250 Plugin to allow an administrator to persist configured log levels across restarts David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh, Luca Milanesio, Sven Selberg
login-redirect 2/8 Plugin to redirect anonymous users to the login form David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh, Sven Selberg
maintainer 0/32   Jan Srnicek
manifest 1/2 The manifest plugin provides server side utilities to Kaushik Lingarkar, Martin Fick, Nasser Grainawi, Prakash Aswal
manifest-subscription 0/55 This plugin allows users to monitor git-repo manifests in manifest repositories and generate rev-specific manifests (similar to “repo manifest -o”) and store them to a separate git repository  
menuextender 0/20 Plugin that allows Gerrit administrators to configure additional menu entries from the WebUI  
messageoftheday 28/244   Saša Živkov
metrics-reporter-cloudwatch 0/1 This plugin reports Gerrit metrics to AWS Cloudwatch Service  
metrics-reporter-elasticsearch 0/13 This plugin reports Gerrit metrics to ElasticSearch Indexes David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh
metrics-reporter-graphite 3/30 This plugin reports Gerrit metrics to Graphite David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh, Sven Selberg
metrics-reporter-jmx 0/17 This plugin exposes Gerrit metrics as JMX resources David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh
metrics-reporter-prometheus 3/19 This plugin exposes Gerrit metrics to Prometheus (https://prometheus.io/) Francois Ferrand
motd 0/20 Plugin that provides messages to users on fetch/pull/clone Doug Kelly
multi-master 0/28 Plugin(s) to enable Gerrrit multi-master operation  
multi-site 73/454 Multi-site support for Gerrit Code Review Antonio Barone, David Ostrovsky, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
oauth 36/354 OAuth2 provider plugin. Multiple providers are currently supported: David Ostrovsky, Luca Milanesio
out-of-the-box 0/0 Plugin to provide an out-of-the-box redirect for a fresh Gerrit install Luca Milanesio
owners 1/206 Provides a Prolog predicate add_owner_approval/3 that appends label(‘Owner-Approval’, need(_)) to a provided list Antonio Barone, David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Vadim Spivak
plugin-manager 11/88 One plugin to rule them all: install new plugins from Gerrit GUI David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio
project-download-commands 1/23 Plugin that adds support for project specific download commands  
project-group-structure 29/292 This plugin enforce a project group structure and restrict project creation within this structure to project group owners only Marco Miller
prolog-submit-rules 0/0    
pull-replication 23/25 Mirror repos from other servers using the Git protocol Antonio Barone, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
quota 33/441 This plugin allows to enforce quotas in Gerrit Saša Živkov
rabbitmq 0/107 Publishes Gerrit events to RabbitMQ David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh, Magnus Bäck, Sven Selberg
rate-limiter 34/306 Allows to enforce rate limits in Gerrit Marco Miller
readonly 38/331 A plugin to make Gerrit run in read-only mode  
ref-protection 3/36 Creates backups of refs that are deleted or non-fast-forward updated David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Doug Kelly, Gustaf Lundh, Sven Selberg
reject-private-submit 0/1 Reject submission (merging) of private changes Luca Milanesio, Markus Duft
rename-project 34/291 A plugin which allows projects to be renamed from Gerrit via an SSH command Marco Miller
reparent 0/5 Plugin that provides a self-service for reparenting projects  
replication 135/500 Copies to other servers using the Git protocol  
repository-usage 0/11 Searches repositories for submodules and manifest files and saves references to a database Doug Kelly
review-strategy 0/2 Provide configurations for custom Gerrit review strategies Khai Do
reviewassistant 15/177 Gives advice to reviewers on how the review should be  
reviewers 65/500 A plugin that allows adding default reviewers to a change David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Sven Selberg
reviewers-by-blame 0/97 A plugin that allows to automatically add reviewers to a change from the git blame computation on the changed files. It will add the users as reviewer that authored most of the lines touched by the change, since these users should be familiar with the code and can most likely review the change David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse, Deniz Türkoglu
reviewnotes 2/155 Annotates merged commits using notes on refs/notes/review  
saml 3/52 Plugin for Gerrit authentication with a SAML provider David Ostrovsky, Luca Milanesio, Nadav Samet
scripting-rules 0/3    
scripting/groovy-provider 0/14 Allows the load Gerrit plugins implemented as Groovy scripts David Ostrovsky, Luca Milanesio
scripting/scala-provider 0/19 Allows the load Gerrit plugins implemented as Scala scripts  
scripts 0/11 Scripting plugins for providing simple and useful extensions on top of Gerrit Luca Milanesio
secure-config 0/11 Plugin to encrypt the values of secure.config Luca Milanesio
server-config 0/40 This plugin enables access (download and upload) to the server config  
serviceuser 34/454 This plugin allows to create service users in Gerrit Saša Živkov
simple-submit-rules 4/54    
singleusergroup 0/85 GroupBackend enabling users to be directly added to access rules  
slack-integration 31/372 Allows for the publishing of certain Gerrit events to a configured Slack Webhook URL Matthew Montgomery, Saša Živkov
supermanifest 1/74 Update superproject in response to manifest changes Han-Wen Nienhuys
task 34/190 The task plugin provides a mechanism to manage tasks which Kaushik Lingarkar, Martin Fick, Nasser Grainawi, Prakash Aswal
uploadvalidator 37/402 This plugin allows to configure upload validations per project  
verify-status 9/276 Verification status plugin to visualize different jobs status that contributed to verify vote David Ostrovsky, Khai Do
webhooks 19/321 This plugin allows to propagate Gerrit events to remote http endpoints Jacek Centkowski, Saša Živkov
websession-broker 1/6 Plugs into the builtin Gerrit WebSession implementation and broadcast websessions to an external broker Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
websession-flatfile 2/57 Replaces the builtin Gerrit WebSession implementation with one that uses a flat file based cache Kaushik Lingarkar, Martin Fick, Nasser Grainawi, Prakash Aswal
wip 0/31 Plugin that allows to mark changes as Work In Progress David Ostrovsky, David Pursehouse
wmf-fixshadowuser 0/1   Tyler Cipriani
x-docs 0/210 This plugin serves Markdown project documentation as HTML pages  
zookeeper-refdb 17/21 Zookeeper-backed reference database plugin Antonio Barone, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
zuul 0/17 Gerrit Zuul Plugin Khai Do
zuul-status 0/22 Displays zuul status on PolyGerrit change Antoine Musso, Luca Milanesio, Mukunda Modell, Paladox none, Tyler Cipriani

Not Started

Name State Repo Changes (last 3 months/all) Description Maintainers Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI
            master   stable-3.2   stable-3.1   stable-3.0   stable-2.16  
approval-extension 1/3 Small example plug-in demoing extension points for manipulating approvals  
approver-annotator 0/1   Nasser Grainawi
auth-htpasswd 0/0 Plugin for Apache htpasswd based authentication Dariusz Łuksza, Luca Milanesio
auto-topic 0/2    
change-labels 0/0   Bruce Zu, Gustaf Lundh
gitgroups 0/1 GroupBackend using text files stored in Git  
google-apps-group 0/4 Sample group backend plugin using Google Groups on a Google Apps domain Colby Ranger
its-github 0/0 Plugin to integrate with GitHub Issue Tracker  
push-pull-replication 0/0 Alternative Gerrit replication plugin that uses both push and pull operations as replication logic Antonio Barone, Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio, Marcin Czech
quickstart 0/0 Gerrit plugin for providing a Quck-start configuration during the init phase Luca Milanesio
replication-status 0/1 Record and display the repository’s replication status without having to dig into the Gerrit replication_log Fabio Ponciroli, Luca Milanesio
server-log-viewer 0/1 Displays $site_path/logs through a web browser  
shutdown 0/0 Gerrit plugin to provide a graceful shutdown via RESTful API (intended for Windows Service integration) Luca Milanesio


Name State Repo Changes (last 3 months/all) Description Maintainers Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI
            master   stable-3.2   stable-3.1   stable-3.0   stable-2.16  
avatars/external 🔒 0/19 DEPRECATED Steffen Gebert
avatars/gravatar 🔒 0/14 DEPRECATED Brad Larson
evict-cache 🔒 0/20 [DEPRECATED]Allows to synchronize the eviction of caches between two Gerrit instances sharing the same repositories and database Marco Miller
force-draft 🔒 0/82 [DEPRECATED] Provides an ssh command to force a change or patch set to draft status David Pursehouse, Gustaf Lundh, Sven Selberg
helloworld 🔒 0/24 Template plugin that adds new SSH commands to a server Brad Larson, Nasser Grainawi
hooks-bugzilla 🔒 0/43 Deprecated. Please use plugins/its-bugzilla instead Chad Horohoe, Christian Aistleitner, Martin Fick
hooks-its 🔒 0/76 Deprecated. Please use plugins/its-base instead Chad Horohoe, David Pursehouse, Luca Milanesio
hooks-jira 🔒 0/27 Deprecated. Please use plugins/its-jira instead Luca Milanesio
hooks-rtc 🔒 0/14 Deprecated. Please use plugins/its-rtc instead Luca Milanesio
lfs-storage-fs 🔒 0/5 DEPRECATED: Use the plugins/lfs Dariusz Łuksza, David Ostrovsky, Doug Kelly
lfs-storage-s3 🔒 0/3 DEPRECATED: Use the plugins/lfs Dariusz Łuksza, David Ostrovsky, Doug Kelly
sync-events 🔒 0/19 [DEPRECATED]Allows to share stream events between two Gerrit instances Marco Miller
sync-index 🔒 0/32 [DEPRECATED]Allows to synchronize secondary indexes between between two Gerrit instances sharing the same git repositories and database Marco Miller

Deprecated, not started

Name State Repo Changes (last 3 months/all) Description Maintainers Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI Branch CI
            master   stable-3.2   stable-3.1   stable-3.0   stable-2.16  
change-head 🔒 0/1 [DEPRECATED] Shift what the HEAD symbolic-ref points to Chad Horohoe

Plugin Maintainers

Maintainer Plugins  
Alexandre Leblanc its-redmine  
Antoine Musso its-phabricator, zuul-status  
Antonio Barone analytics, analytics-wizard, github, healthcheck, kafka-events, multi-site, owners, pull-replication, push-pull-replication, zookeeper-refdb  
Benson Yan its-redmine  
Bill Napier automerger  
Bob Badour copyright  
Brad Larson avatars/gravatar, delete-project, helloworld  
Bruce Zu change-labels  
Chad Horohoe change-head, delete-project, hooks-bugzilla, hooks-its, its-phabricator  
Christian Aistleitner hooks-bugzilla, its-phabricator  
Claudio Pacchiega analytics, gerrit-support  
Colby Ranger google-apps-group  
Dan Duvall its-phabricator  
Dariusz Łuksza auth-htpasswd, lfs, lfs-storage-fs, lfs-storage-s3  
David Ostrovsky cookbook-plugin, gitblit, healthcheck, high-availability, javamelody, lfs-storage-fs, lfs-storage-s3, multi-site, oauth, owners, rabbitmq, ref-protection, reviewers, reviewers-by-blame, saml, scripting/groovy-provider, verify-status, wip  
David Pursehouse commit-message-length-validator, cookbook-plugin, find-owners, force-draft, gerrit-support, gitblit, hooks-its, its-redmine, kafka-events, lfs, login-redirect, log-level, metrics-reporter-elasticsearch, metrics-reporter-graphite, metrics-reporter-jmx, owners, plugin-manager, rabbitmq, ref-protection, reviewers, reviewers-by-blame, wip  
Deniz Türkoglu reviewers-by-blame  
Doug Kelly admin-console, healthcheck, lfs-storage-fs, lfs-storage-s3, motd, ref-protection, repository-usage  
Edwin Kempin commit-message-length-validator, its-phabricator  
Emmanuel Debanne autosubmitter  
Fabio Ponciroli analytics, analytics-wizard, github, healthcheck, kafka-events, multi-site, owners, pull-replication, push-pull-replication, replication-status, websession-broker, zookeeper-refdb  
Francois Ferrand metrics-reporter-prometheus  
Gustaf Lundh change-labels, force-draft, login-redirect, log-level, metrics-reporter-elasticsearch, metrics-reporter-graphite, metrics-reporter-jmx, rabbitmq, ref-protection  
Han-Wen Nienhuys supermanifest  
Hector Oswaldo Caballero its-jira  
Jacek Centkowski lfs, webhooks  
Jan Srnicek maintainer  
Jeff Bailey copyright  
Jeff Rowell admin-console  
Jorge Ruesga cloud-notifications  
Kaushik Lingarkar batch, events, examples, manifest, task, websession-flatfile  
Khai Do its-storyboard, javamelody, review-strategy, verify-status, zuul  
Luca Milanesio account, analytics, analytics-wizard, auth-htpasswd, autosubmitter, branch-network, commit-validator-sample, cookbook-plugin, donation-button, gerrit-support, gitblit, github, healthcheck, high-availability, hooks-its, hooks-jira, hooks-rtc, its-jira, its-phabricator, kafka-events, log-level, multi-site, oauth, out-of-the-box, owners, plugin-manager, pull-replication, push-pull-replication, quickstart, reject-private-submit, replication-status, saml, scripting/groovy-provider, scripts, secure-config, shutdown, websession-broker, zookeeper-refdb, zuul-status  
Magnus Bäck rabbitmq  
Marcin Czech github, kafka-events, multi-site, pull-replication, push-pull-replication, websession-broker, zookeeper-refdb  
Marco Miller events-log, evict-cache, gc-conductor, go-import, heartbeat, high-availability, project-group-structure, rate-limiter, rename-project, sync-events, sync-index  
Markus Duft reject-private-submit  
Martin Fick batch, events, examples, hooks-bugzilla, manifest, task, websession-flatfile  
Matthew Montgomery slack-integration  
Mukunda Modell its-phabricator, zuul-status  
Nadav Samet saml  
Nasser Grainawi approver-annotator, batch, events, examples, helloworld, manifest, task, websession-flatfile  
Paladox none its-phabricator, zuul-status  
Patrick Bruneton autosubmitter  
Prakash Aswal batch, events, examples, manifest, task, websession-flatfile  
Raman Tenneti copyright  
Sam Reed its-phabricator  
Sam Saccone 🐐 automerger  
Saša Živkov cfoauth, high-availability, messageoftheday, quota, serviceuser, slack-integration, webhooks  
Stefano Galarraga analytics  
Steffen Gebert avatars/external  
Stephen Li automerger  
Sven Selberg force-draft, go-import, login-redirect, log-level, metrics-reporter-graphite, rabbitmq, ref-protection, reviewers  
Tom W gitblit  
Tyler Cipriani its-phabricator, wmf-fixshadowuser, zuul-status  
Vadim Spivak owners