First meeting of the community managers for the 2019 term

Today the first meeting of the Gerrit Community Managers took place in an online meeting. This post contains a short summary of the topics that were covered.


Edwin Kempin, Marco Miller, Matthias Sohn


Online meeting, June 5, 17:00-18:00 CET


Community manager role

  • like a Scrum master for the Gerrit community
  • support the community and the ESC
  • help to remove impediments, try to identify them pro-actively
  • time we can spend: 10-25%

Working mode

  • Regular online meeting, target weekly
  • Agenda and notes are kept private since they may contain sensitive information
  • Minutes will be published

Backlog and communication

Introduce community managers

Measure community satisfaction

  • consider surveys, discussion to be continued, see issue 40010771
  • community retrospective similar to a scrum retrospective planned for user summit in Gothenburg on 29-30th August, see issue 40010774
  • consider community retrospective after releases
    • gather experience with the retrospective planned for user summit Gothenburg
    • do retrospective face to face at hackathon
    • publish results as Gerrit change and let everyone comment and contribute further ideas in the review

Possibilities to better align Gerrit community with JGit and Bazel communities

  • Bazel conference in Mountain View and Gerrit user summit in Sunnyvale both planned for Nov
  • invite a Bazel talk to the Gerrit user summit in Sunnyvale, see issue 40010773
  • invite for JGit presentations at Gerrit user summits, see issue 40010772
  • EclipseCon Europe Oct 21-24 would be another opportunity to meet JGit committers and contributors

Code of conduct

  • consider introducing a code of conduct for the Gerrit project, discussion to be done, see issue 40010775