Minutes from the Community Manager meeting on June 5th

First meeting of the community managers for the 2019 term

Today the first meeting of the Gerrit Community Managers took place in an online meeting. This post contains a short summary of the topics that were covered.


Edwin Kempin, Marco Miller, Matthias Sohn


Online meeting, June 5, 17:00-18:00 CET


Community manager role

  • like a Scrum master for the Gerrit community
  • support the community and the ESC
  • help to remove impediments, try to identify them pro-actively
  • time we can spend: 10-25%

Working mode

  • Regular online meeting, target weekly
  • Agenda and notes are kept private since they may contain sensitive information
  • Minutes will be published

Backlog and communication

Introduce community managers

Measure community satisfaction

  • consider surveys, discussion to be continued, see issue 10979
  • community retrospective similar to a scrum retrospective planned for user summit in Gothenburg on 29-30th August, see issue 10983
  • consider community retrospective after releases
    • gather experience with the retrospective planned for user summit Gothenburg
    • do retrospective face to face at hackathon
    • publish results as Gerrit change and let everyone comment and contribute further ideas in the review

Possibilities to better align Gerrit community with JGit and Bazel communities

  • Bazel conference in Mountain View and Gerrit user summit in Sunnyvale both planned for Nov
  • invite a Bazel talk to the Gerrit user summit in Sunnyvale, see issue 10982
  • invite for JGit presentations at Gerrit user summits, see issue 10980
  • EclipseCon Europe Oct 21-24 would be another opportunity to meet JGit committers and contributors

Code of conduct

  • consider introducing a code of conduct for the Gerrit project, discussion to be done, see issue 10984