Registration for Gerrit User Summit USA 2019 is now open on

This year the Gerrit User Summit doubles and will offer two locations and dates:

  • Gerrit User Summit Europe - 29/30 August - Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • Gerrit User Summit USA - 16/17 November - Sunnyvale (CA)

You can choose to participate in any of them, depending on your local logistics and availability. The two events have roughly the same schedule, with some slight variation of schedule for the Gerrit User’s stories and talks.

When you sign-up to the summit of your choice, you can also request participation in the form. If you are a maintainer, your request is automatically accepted.

This year, the Hackathon is open to all contributors that are willing to learn how to help the community and even start coding with Gerrit and its API.

Please note that the seats for the Hackathon are limited and your request could be declined by the organizer. We will do our best, however, to get people in and help increasing the community of contributors.