Community Survey Results

The results of last year’s Community Survey have been published.

Backup Documentation

Matthias Sohn (SAP) created a new documentation page with detailed instructions of how to backup a Gerrit site. This was included in the releases 2.16.14, 3.0.5, and 3.1.1.

Tighter integration between Gerrit CI and the Checks plugin

Thomas Dräbing (SAP), David Ostrovsky and Luca Milanesio (GerritForge) have been working to improve the integration of the current Gerrit CI with the UI of the Checks plugin.

That includes the ability to directly link to the build logs from the Gerrit change screen and the possibility to re-run the build from the Checks tab.

Read the full story on the repo-discuss mailing list.

Zuul integration with Gerrit is coming to Gerrit CI

James E. Blair (RedHat) has been working to provide the automatic CI validation of Gerrit changes using Zuul integrated with the Checks plugin running on Google Cloud.

He is currently in the environment setup phase and very soon a parallel CI environment will be running and working side-by-side with the Gerrit-CI. We are all looking forward to seeing Zuul running and taking over Jenkins for the Gerrit change validation in the next few months.

HTTPS Required for Download from Maven Central

Effective January 15, 2020, the Central Repository no longer supports insecure communication over plain HTTP and requires that all requests to the repository are encrypted over HTTPS.

As a result of this, older releases of Gerrit (2.15.x and older) are no longer buildable from source on a clean development environment because the rules_closure dependency includes a download over HTTP. This was fixed in change 250502 which is included in stable-2.14. To build Gerrit 2.14.x and 2.15.x it is now necessary to build from the tip of the stable-2.14 and stable-2.15 branches, or in an environment where the rules_closure dependency has already been downloaded before January 15.

Git Merge 2020

Patrick Hiesel will give a presentation about NoteDb at the Git Merge 2020 conference in Los Angeles on March 4th.