Engineering Steering Committee Meeting, October 13, 2020


Ben Rohlfs, Saša Zivkov, Patrick Hiesel, Luca Milanesio


Online, October 13, 12:30 - 13:30 CEST

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on November 3, 11:00 CET.


ESC Issues Review

General review of the open issues assigned to the ESC.

Saša raised the improvement of the Gerrit Code Review support page by making some links more prevalent:

  • The repo-discuss mailing list
  • The issue tracker

GerritForge Activities for Gerrit v3.3

Luca provided an overview of what GerritForge is focusing on for Gerrit v3.3:

  1. Fix of Gerrit pluggable persistent caches and introduction of the cache-chroniclemap high-performance non-blocking implementation.

  2. Adoption of the aws-gerrit infrastructure project for testing Gerrit v3.3 end-to-end, with a real production-like setup, including also the Gatling-Gerrit test framework for load testing and client metrics collection.

  3. Extension of the high-availability plugin to allow active-active concurrent read-write access to all nodes.

  4. Testing of Gerrit with large mono-repos, using the aws-gerrit and Gatling tests for implementing a data-driven approach to improving performance and stability.

Status of Gerrit v3.3 release plan

Luca reported the status of the release plan execution, which is on track so far. The first RC0 was partially blocked by a JGit issue, which has been now resolved in RC1 by Matthias.

Ben mentioned the intention to make the attention-set feature enabled by default very soon, before the release of v3.3.

Review of Open Design Proposals

The open designs do not need further involvement at the moment from the ESC. Luca mentioned the intention to take over from Alice the management of the Gerrit events redesign initiative. Patrick will be the counterpart from Google.


Nothing new to introduce in the current roadmap. Once Gerrit v3.3 will be released; the roadmap can get refreshed with what’s next for the v3.4 release in Spring 2021.

ESC Handovers

Alice is moving to a different project inside Google, handing over her ESC seat to Han-Wen. David is stepping down because of personal reasons; Saša has been elected to take his place, based on a recent poll amongst the non-Google maintainers.