Engineering Steering Committee Meeting, Oct 6, 2021


Full meeting: Han-Wen Nienhuys, Luca Milanesio, Saša Živkov, Patrick Hiesel, Christophe Poucet

Discussion about ref caching: Matthias Sohn, Gal Paikin, Jacek Centkowski


Online, Sep 9, 11:15 - 12:00 CET

Next meeting

Nov 3, 2021


Action items

Matthias, Patrick, Jacek and Luca will further evolve the ref cache change.

RefCache to solve slow account loading and enable draft migration

We discussed and agreed that the RFC in is the preferred solution.

There are remaining unknowns to be sorted out: 1) Is the JGit API thread safe in all implementations 2) How can the cache be evicted from the outside? 3) How can we ensure atomic cache updates for BatchRefUpdates?

Matthias, Patrick, Jacek and Luca will help resolve these issues and get the change submitted within a target of 4 weeks.

The slow account loading problem affects all installations with being a real problem just for installations that use NFS (trustFolderStat=false).

Chris/Albert Swap

Chris will take over one of Google’s ESC seats from Albert.

Virtual User Summit 2021

Luca shared a draft proposal for a 2021 virtual user summit. The consensus was that we find it a good idea to do a summit this year. Patrick noted that it would be good to cut down the agenda to fit into 2x3hrs instead of 2x4hrs.


Google will publish their quarterly objectives soon.

Design/Open bugs

We pinged the cross-plugin proposal once more to see if there is progress or it should be abandoned.