High Level Release Plan

Date Activity
Apr 5 Create stable-3.10 branch, Release 3.10.0-rc0
Apr 12 Release 3.10.0-rc1
Apr 19 Release 3.10.0-rc3 (rc2 has been withdrawn)
Apr 26 Release 3.10.0-rc4
May 3 Release 3.10.0-rc5 (withdrawn, clone broken)
May 6 Release 3.10.0-rc6 - Feature freeze deadline
May 10 Release 3.10.0-rc7
May 13-17 Gerrit Hackathon hosted by SAP in Walldorf (DE)
May 17 Final release of 3.10.0

Gerrit Hackathon

The Gerrit hackathon is planned after the release week, from the 13th to the 17th of May at SAP in Walldorf, focused on the k8s-gerrit project and the associated plugins for supporting multi-primary setups in the cloud.

We will also ask the community members to allocate some of their time during the hackathon to help with finalizing the release:

  • Test the release candidates.
  • Report issues.
  • Triage and troubleshoot incoming bug reports.
  • Make fixes.
  • Do code reviews.
  • Test the latest head of the stable branch.

To expedite reviews of Library-Compliance and frontend changes, we will ask Google to make some members available in the EU time-zone.

End-to-end Testing

We plan to use the Gatling e2e test framework for Git, developed by GerritForge and Ericsson, to test the stability of the release on a production-like setup on AWS automatically provisioned using the aws-gerrit templates.

GerritForge has also offered its own AWS infrastructure to test the scalability of Gerrit v3.10, particularly with medium to large sized projects and in a multi-primary setup.

The Gerrit-CI has also an automated aws-gerrit pipeline that will be pointed to the stable-3.10 branch and run on a daily basis.

End of Life for Gerrit 3.7.x

Per the support policy mentioned on the project homepage, after 3.10.0 is released 3.7.x will reach end of life and will no longer be actively supported.

Support for 3.8.x and 3.9.x will continue as usual. Users of 3.7.x or earlier are recommended to upgrade to one of these versions.