Google plans work per-quarter, using the OKR (Objective/Key-Result) framework.

Q3 2021

O: Gerrit users’ data and code are well protected and secure

KR: Resolve data protection/security work in flight from Q2

Gerrit stops persisting personal data (name, email) in review metadata.

O: Increase system stability and reduce latency of critical user journeys

KR: Keep CreateDraftcomment in SLO by removing per-user state from change index

Private user actions (writing drafts, adding stars) cause a change reindex. This is expensive and slows down user actions. Get this data directly from All-Users to avoid the indexing step.

KR: Cancelation: ensure no work happens for requests after the users have canceled or the request has timed out

Gerrit continues processing after the user hangs up. We want to solve this for Google, but maybe we can fix it for Gerrit open source as well.

KR: Image diffing

The Gerrit UI supports reviewing image files (including visual diffs)

KR: Improve gr-diff performance

Improve diff rendering performance and memory usage on many / large files.

KR: Plan for transactional index updates

Currently Gerrit indices are per-datacenter, and replicated asynchronously. Create a design where the index document is created together with the ref update, so it can be replicated together with the Git data, thus avoiding inconsistencies between index and git data.

KR: Use Caffeine to reduce drift with open-source and to speed up parallel cache reads

Finish diff cache rollout, and migrate to Caffeine.

O: Improve Gerrit customer satisfaction from X% to Y%

KR: Roll out composable submit requirements to Android and Chrome

Implement, and roll it out to Gerrit, Chrome & Android.

KR: Multi-change review: Prototype and validate a new experience for managing and reviewing multiple, grouped changes

Provide a page for reviewing multiple changes (“topics”), providing among others batch actions and maybe diffs across projects/changes.

KR: Code Review Latency: Reduce P50 code review start latency from Xmin to Ymin.

**Calendar integration: **extension point for FE plugins surfacing calendar data

Push notifications: Design proposal, work estimation, and prototype for browser push notifications directly from Gerrit using web workers (milutin)

Code review dashboard: Gerrit users can understand their personal code review performance in a dashboard as described in Gerrit Code Review Metrics for Individuals (mharbach)

KR: Gerrit CI Reboot: Land the new CI Results Tab

Finish CI result tab: onboarding documentation, create a Jenkins based plugin and remove the old checks plugin from

KR: Make headway on addressing top Gerrit pain points, as measured by surveys and internal customers

Various items:

  • Markdown support
  • Ingest textual diffs for creating or updating changes
  • Many smaller UI polish items.

O: Reduce toil, increase developer velocity, and improve developer happiness

KR: Maintainable Gerrit frontend plugins: convert all Gerrit maintained frontend plugins to Typescript.

KR: Add Polymer template type checking (carryover)

Gerrit CI will then be able to check that Polymer bindings are valid in HTML templates and that Polymer observers and computed Polymer properties have the correct type.

KR: Publish Gerrit Q3 OKRs publicly to give guidance to the external community

note: Any Google-specific OKRs will be removed prior to publishing