The following public keys are are available on the Ubuntu Public Key Server, and are used to sign:

  • Release tags on the gerrit and core plugin repositories
  • Release artifacts that are published on the Maven Central and Google Maven repositories
  • Release announcement emails
  • Binary package distributions
Name Email Address Fingerprint Notes
Dave Borowitz A4F9 BFB0 EC56 812A 86E6 0AE1 5FD7 C59A 9A12 888C  
David Pursehouse 0A76 9EB0 5339 B93B DD89 95ED 0C3A F664 9FFC 2102 Obsoleted 5BEE 1865 DB05 5B31 9DCB 1369 F236 A953 E082 5A6D Obsoleted
Edwin Kempin 8DC3 89F5 9066 40FA C5A9 9037 51B5 FD97 A0D0 EF51  
Hugo Arès 6884 7C78 8005 34A7 3386 86C9 C5D7 01B8 24EE 7037  
Luca Milanesio 4D87 E730 9713 C7D6 6B77 CFBF 7079 1290 7562 EA4B rsa-3072
    8882 AA37 B122 C819 2736 DBB6 E9A9 BDCD C015 06A0 rsa-2048
    9825 38F5 0438 DD7B 4813 C822 0B4E F7D5 A2B6 987E rsa-4096
Masaya Suzuki 17DE EE31 04AA 1FBD ABE4 D1F7 2489 35B0 B6B8 7F19  
Patrick Hiesel 7789 759C D085 C90A 1823 63AB 710A 7242 BD5B 6C39  
Saša Živkov 024B 9991 1E26 0764 22A7 5AD4 4D52 61F9 26C1 290E  
GerritForge 9911 F82E 2783 6B7F AE85 090D 8470 05AE 6190 67D5 Deb rsa-3072
    F0E2 4DA6 6FFA A737 081E 5A7E 1FFF AA5E 1871 F775 Deb
GerritForge Yum 87BE F09F 08AF 18A9 79ED 67DB AF71 9AD5 21EF A0F0 Rpm