Community Management work done

We, community managers, wanted to share what we think we accomplished during this ending term. Here is a humble summary of those items, with links for the detailed evidence ;) -Our goal with sharing this list is to close the year transparently and happily:

  1. For the first time in Gerrit, a Community backlog was initialized to structure and do the work.
  2. A first formal Gerrit community Retrospective was conducted, which led to shared actions.
  3. That goal of actively listening to us community helped Google conclude their Survey.
  4. Contributions to the first Gerrit governance process, we hope, helped pave that whole way above.
  5. The companion Contribution process started similarly, or so we intended; design docs to the rescue!
  6. With such community roles, contributions and design reviews came the need for a Code of Conduct.
  7. A new plugins status home page emerged, also thanks to core maintainers and ESC contributions.

Until the next upcoming term unfolds then :)