Gerrit Community Managers formally announced for the 2019 term

We are now introducing ourselves as your Community Managers for Gerrit in 2019:

  • Edwin (Google),
  • Marco (Ericsson) and
  • Matthias (SAP).

Minutes of our regular trio meetups (when newsworthy) started being posted.

Community Backlog

  • We use a transparent backlog for that role of ours under the Community component.
  • Community members may submit new items under that component for us managers to refine.
  • Only public topics should be issued through that backlog.

Confidential Group

  • Sensitive topics are to be privately discussed using this mailing list.
  • This is a group that remains private between the individual community member and us managers.
  • Everyone is welcome to confidentially share feedback with us three that way.
  • This group and the Community backlog are being added to the Gerrit documentation now.

Community Survey

  • We invite you/every Gerrit community member to fill our first community survey out.
  • We need your input to help feed the community retrospective scheduled for the 2019 Gerrit Summit in Gothenburg.
  • Your individual answers remain anonymous and will stay private to us community managers.
  • Answers are accepted between now and July 2019 included.
  • Thanks for your feedback! :)